OMSCO Board meetings are

held every 3rd Thursday @ 5:30pm



US Bank Community Room

1901 Grand Avenue

Glenwood Springs CO


 Next Meeting Dates:

January 21, 2016 5:30 pm

February 18, 2016 5:30 pm

March 10, 2016 5:30 pm (note- date change)


The water outage we had at the very bottom of filing 3 was caused by a break in the 8" line that runs from the upper tank to the midlevel tanks.  This line services the Filing 3 homes, as well as supplies supplemental water to the Mid Level tanks.  Previous to Filing 4B this line was the source of water to the townhomes and the other OMHOA homes in the lower area of Oak Meadows Ranch.  The break was actually a number of cracks in the 20' section of the pipe.
Complicating the repair were two items:  First, Hughes Excavating had just begun working on a leak in the OMWA water system on Aspen Way when our break occurred.  Locating and repairing the OMWA leak proved to be time consuming, though the leak was not large.  This delayed their responding to our break.  Secondly, when Hughes excavated and exposed the OMSCO damaged pipe the inital identification of the type of pipe was incorrect.  This was the reason the water outage for the affected houses the second night.  EPC has, or will purchase and store a section or two of this pipe at our WWTP so if/when another such break occurs we have the correct type pipe on hand.  This line is 20+ years old.
OMWA is experiencing a water shortage due to other leaks in their system.  I am told their tanks have gone dry on one or more occasions in the past week.  EPC, and Hughes Excavating are working to locate and repair the reason for the loss of water.  As of Thursday afternoon they are planning on obtaining a road cut permit from Garfield County to excavate Sun King Dr. near the intersection of Old Midland to possibly install an isolation valve to limit the loss of water.  For a reason not completely understood the amount of water OMWA is currently pumping from the Splitter Facility to their tanks has reduced approximately 20% in the past few days also.  This adds to their inablility to keep water in their tanks.  I anticipate the repair or adjustment of this to be an issue that OMWA will solely be responsible.
EPC and OMWA have asked OMSCO for emergency help in providing water to their clients by using water from OMSCO's upper tank to supplement their water from Four Mile Well.  I have agreed to allow EPC to make a temporary connection, via hose, from a fire hydrant near OMWA's tanks to their system.  This temporary connection will be made and monitored by EPC.  It will be metered so we will know the amount of water diverted to OMWA.  EPC will continue to monitor the water level in our upper tank to ensure we are not lowering that water level beyond what is needed for our (OMSCO) clients and have adequate reserves for fire protection.
Thank you,
Les Schaub, President
OMSCO Board of Directors


Oak Meadows Service Company (OMSCO) is a nonprofit Corporation that provides potable water service to portions of the Oak Meadows subdivision, including Filing 3 (about 13 homes located at the top of Sun King Drive), Filing 4, and Lots 12 and 13 of Block 1, Filing 1. OMSCO provides wastewater collection and treatment services to Filing 4. (Homes within Filing 3 are on individual septic systems). The company operates pursuant to Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

All property owners within OMSCO’s service area are members of OMSCO. At an annual meeting of the membership, the members elect a Board of Directors, which is responsible for conducting the regular business of OMSCO. The Board includes three directors from specific areas within Oak Meadows and two at-large directors. Day-to-day operations of the water and wastewater systems are conducted by a state-certified operator, Environmental Process Controls.

Water Service

The OMSCO water system is supplied from three sources. Wells 6 and 9 are located at the top of Sun King Drive. Water produced by these two wells is filtered, treated and stored in a 150,000-gallon storage tank located nearby. These wells are the sole source of water for Filing 3; they also provide water to Filing 4.

The Four Mile Well is located on the east side of Four Mile Creek, near the Sun King entrance to Oak Meadows. It is jointly owned by OMSCO and the Oak Meadows Water Association (OMWA), which is an independent organization that provides water service to Filing II. OMSCO's share of the water produced by the Four Mile Well is treated and stored in four 25,000-gallon buried tanks located above Filing 4. Water from those tanks serves homes within Filing 4. OMSCO and OMWA are in the process of designing and constructing a facility to divide, measure and deliver into their respective systems the proper shares of water produced by the Four Mile Well.

Wastewater ServiceOMSCO's sewer system collects wastewater from homes within Filing 4 and delivers it to the wastewater treatment plant

located on Four Mile Creek near the lower entrance to Oak Meadows. The wastewater treatment plant is a mechanical Aeromod facility. The design capacity of the wastewater treatment plant is about __________ gallons per day; it was sized to allow for the full buildout of Oak Meadows. It currently operates at about ___% of its design capacity.


Water Rates


The Water Base Rate is $44.00/month.


In addition, water usage is metered and progressively charged according to this rate structure:


Gallons From: Gallons To: Price Per Gallon:
     0    7,000    .000
  7,001  12,000    .005
12,001  18,000    .007
18,001   .....    .010


The Sewer Rate for all except Filing 3 Homes is $49.00/month.

Vacant Lots pay a "Standby Fee".  The Standby Fee is a monthly charge that is 1/2 the current water and sewer rate.  It covers OMSCO's cost to maintain usable service lines to the lot even though those lines are not being used.   the Standby rate reverts to the full rate at the time a building permit is filed on the lot.  Once activated to the full rate, lots are not allowed to revert back to the Standby rate, even though the lot may be vacant.