• Meter Information

    Non-Working Meters:


    Please note that each lot owner is responsible for the repair and maintenance of each lot owner's meter and read-out. If a defective meter or read-out is not repaired or replaced by the lot owner within ten days following discovery of such defect, OMSCO may, but is not required to, repair or replace such meter or read-out and the cost thereof shall be charged to and paid by the lot owner. The lot owner is also responsible to pay the cost of water as measured by a defective meter or read-out, or OMSCO may establish the water service charge based on the water delivery during a preceding period of comparable length and condition.


    Fines may also apply. A warning will be sent out first. A second warning will result in a $30.00 fine. A third will result in a $100.00 fine. A fourth, and subsequent warnings, will consist of a $200.00 fine (per new rules and regulations, July 14, 2011).


    Please contact a plumber to check your meter. If you don't know one, a few who have been recommended to us are: Cheney Plumbing 963-0275; Huck's Heating and Plumbing, 963-3077; Crystal Valley Plumbing and Heating, 947-1251; Integrity Plumbing, 927-2474, Bishop Plumbing, 925-8610, and Jesus Velazquez, 970-618-0476 (Jesus is a certified backflow inspector). If you need a new meter we require you purchase a Neptune R900i which can be obtained through Core & Main in Grand Junction. Their number is 970-628-7104. Please mention you are in Oak Meadows Ranch. The install will require a PRV and back flow preventer. The purpose of this is to prevent contamination of the entire water system through possible back flow.

    Once the install is completed, your plumber will need to contact EPC (Environmental Process Control), 963-8393 (our water operator) to inspect the installation and recover the remote ID for future readings. There will be a meter inspection fee that we pass on from EPC of approximately $100.00.

    Procedures for New Water and Meter Hookups: