• Organization


    Oak Meadows Service Company (OMSCO) is a nonprofit Corporation that provides potable water service to portions of the Oak Meadows subdivision, including Filing 3 (about 13 homes located at the top of Sun King Drive), Filing 4, and Lots 12 and 13 of Block 1, Filing 1. OMSCO provides wastewater collection and treatment services to Filing 4. (Homes within Filing 3 are on individual septic systems). The company operates pursuant to Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

    All property owners within OMSCO’s service area are members of OMSCO. At an annual meeting of the membership, the members elect a Board of Directors, which is responsible for conducting the regular business of OMSCO. The Board includes three directors from specific areas within Oak Meadows and two at-large directors. Day-to-day operations of the water and wastewater systems are conducted by a state-certified operator, Environmental Process Controls.

    Water Service

    The OMSCO water system is supplied from three sources. Wells 6 and 9 are located at the top of Sun King Drive. Water produced by these two wells is filtered, treated and stored in a 150,000-gallon storage tank located nearby. These wells are the sole source of water for Filing 3; they also provide water to Filing 4.

    The Four Mile Well is located on the east side of Four Mile Creek, near the Sun King entrance to Oak Meadows. It is jointly owned by OMSCO and the Oak Meadows Water Association (OMWA), which is an independent organization that provides water service to Filing II. OMSCO's share of the water produced by the Four Mile Well is treated and stored in four 25,000-gallon buried tanks located above Filing 4. Water from those tanks serves homes within Filing 4. OMSCO and OMWA jointly operate a splitter building which measures and delivers into their respective systems the proper shares of water produced by 4 Mile Well.

    Waste Water Service

    OMSCO's sewer system collects wastewater from homes within Filing 4 and delivers it to the wastewater treatment plant


    Located on Four Mile Creek near the lower entrance to Oak Meadows. The wastewater treatment plant is a mechanical Aeromod facility. The design capacity of the wastewater treatment plant is about 35,000 gallons per day; it was sized to allow for the full buildout of Oak Meadows. It currently operates at about 75% of its design capacity.


    Sewer Rate is $56.65/month

    Filing 3 homes have septic tanks are billed only for water.

    Water Rates



    The Water Base Rate is $59.40/month.


    In addition, water usage is metered and progressively charged according to this rate structure: